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Ways you can use RPA Bots in your business

When we talk about RPA bots, Chatbots, this is the first thing that comes to mind because this is the solution that is much broader and more robust, as well as the best known on the market. Although in reality, it is not the only one. According to Gartner, around 80% of finance leaders have either implemented or are planning to implement RPA.

There are currently a large number of Bots available for robotic process automation. We can find bots to automate systems such as ERP, CRM, accounting systems, customer service and more. In addition, many platforms such as SAP and Odoo that offer resources for creating all kinds of bots such as those used by enterprise resource planning systems.


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Chat bots

The best-known type of bot in robotic process automation are the so-called Chat Bots, which are robots designed to respond to messages, briefly. Generally, these bots are used for customer service and support, as well as for social networks such as Facebook or WhatsApp.

Chat bots aim to improve productivity by taking care of answering messages and sending content, links, support tickets, etc. In an automated and simplified way. Today this type of chat bots are the ones that have developed the most thanks to the use of both flowchart responses and artificial intelligence.


Billing Bots

Another of the most common bots is the billing bot which, as its name indicates, seeks to simplify the finance and accounting processes. This by preparing invoices for both customers and suppliers.

Here the bot will be in charge of guiding users to enter their data, as well as being responsible for preparing the invoices and sending them automatically. The return on investment is very good, since the efficiency in the generation of invoices is improved and errors that can cause problems with taxes are reduced.


Bots for document scanning

This is one of the most surprising examples of RPA, since today there are robots with such power that they are capable of scanning documents. That’s right, these bots can scan those documents that have been sent to you regardless of their format. Learn more about it here.

The main advantage of this type of robot is that it allows data to be obtained accurately, quickly and automatically without having to read the file part by part. Although they could be confused with the scanner used in antivirus, in reality the objective here is to improve information processing.


Data RPA Bots

Unlike the aforementioned bots, these basic RPA in digital transformation are responsible for capturing data from other sources. For example, by connecting these bots it is possible to use ERP, Excel, accounting platforms and even ad platforms, social networks and the web to obtain data automatically.

The main advantage offered by the use of this type of robot is its ability to capture high-quality and precise data. These data are usually sent to platforms such as CRM which help improve the productivity of marketing campaigns, decision making, etc.


Notifications and emails

There is another class of RPA which is capable of managing the arrival of emails and information shipments, coordinating them with notification alerts. The objective is to allow people to attend certain emails or messages as long as they meet certain parameters.

In addition, these bots help us manage the information received, as well as send responses and messages automatically. A perfect example is found in the bots used to send emails in the so-called email marketing campaigns.


RPA bots for payment automation

Payment automation is another of the tasks that can improve productivity through the use of bots. In the digital transformation, automated bots are being used that allow recurring payments to be sent to suppliers or human resources. Payments can be scheduled by dates or under certain conditions such as when an application arrives.

These kinds of bots are very useful when it comes to managing the relationship with suppliers. Similarly, there are bots designed to automatically process payment or purchase requests by rejecting or approving them. This way you reduce the staff requirement and improve your ROI (return on investment).


RPA bots for request management

Finally, we find bots with the ability to manage all kinds of requests. For example, there is RPA software that is responsible for managing vacation requests, work schedules or purchase requests and travel expenses for employees.

Another type of bots that we come across are the bots in charge of managing purchase requests from both customers and suppliers. Requests related to logistics, for example, shipping, tracking, etc. They can also be managed through the use of RPA software with automated functioning Bots.

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