Bots for human resources automation

Automation using rpa in hr can help your organization improve efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and effort required to complete repetitive and data-intensive tasks. Related to the top HR trends and priorities for 2023 according to Gartner.

Less manually processing employee data

More implement strategic plans and policies

The best satisfaction, retention and competitiveness

Recruitment: rpa in hr

LinkedIn is a trusted candidate search platform. However, the process of searching through relevant LinkedIn profiles can be time consuming, requiring recruiters to perform repetitive filtering activities. Check how rpa in hr can work:

  • Enter a recruiter’s profile using their credentials enter predefined search parameters
  • Detect profiles that fit the parameters
  • Export relevant profiles to an Excel file
  • Send the Excel file to the recruiter

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE USADO_automatizacion de recursos humanos_rpa in hr

HR teams receive numerous resumes that they must rank based on the relevance of the candidate’s skill set for open positions. This task can be laborious and take up to 3 hours a day.

  • Open emails and download resumes in PDF and Word format
  • Open job search websites and crawl resumes for pre-set keywords
  • Opens PDF and Word files and crawls them for preset keywords

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE_automatizacion de recursos humanos_rpa in hr


Operations managers spend 30 minutes to several hours a week creating and reporting timesheets. This is a great opportunity for rpa in hr to be able to automate and spend more time on strategic plans and initiatives.

  • Enter payroll system
  • Select the relevant database system
  • Select relevant employees based on pre-set criteria
  • Import the prepared timesheets into the corresponding folder

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE_automatizacion de recursos humanos_rpa in hr

Payroll processing often involves reconciling data from the point of sale, business management, and HR software, which is time-consuming and leads to errors that can negatively impact your business. In addition to causing costly mistakes.

  • Registers in systems to collect data
  • Reconcile actual and budgeted hours worked
  • Notify managers of any variances (beyond the range) via email
  • Process batches of income and deductions
  • Runs tax reconciliations at the end of the quarter/year
  • Generate reports on benefit deductions

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE_automatizacion de recursos humanos_rpa in hr

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