Bots for sales force automation

Sales force automation using RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, can help your business improve efficiency, productivity by reducing the time and effort required to complete repetitive, data-intensive tasks.

Less manual processing of customer and transaction data

More establishing relationships with clients, strategy and closing deals

The best sales force results and competitiveness

Sales force prospecting

Get unlimited leads from LinkedIn. Your sales force can use multiple channels to find contact information for potential customers, and this manual data collection can take up to 8 hours a day, impacting sales team productivity and their ability to focus on other tasks. chores.

  • Log in to the LinkedIn account using the credentials of an employee
  • Establish filters according to predefined criteria
  • Collect the data of the profiles found
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet with this data
  • Run the email validation service, check for invalid data and addresses

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE_automatizacion de la fuerza de ventas

Prospect list validation is an important process for sales and marketing. Even with various tools that help automate validation, the repetitive tasks associated with this process can be time consuming.

  • Enter and extract from the system or website where contact data is stored
  • Open Excel files where data is stored for validation
  • Runs email validation service, checks data for spam and invalid addresses
  • Create a report in Excel with the states of the validated data
  • Email the Excel file to those interested
  • Reports the amount of data processed

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE_automatizacion de la fuerza de ventas

Operation of sales force

CRM systems contain key information about the operations and activities of sales teams. However, CRM systems do not contain enough data to calculate sales bonuses. Calculating bonuses requires the consolidation of data scattered across multiple sources, including accounting, management and administrative systems, as well as the sales team’s internal spreadsheets.

  • Open folders containing relevant spreadsheets and files
  • Extract data from relevant fields in sales files and systems
  • Consolidates extracted data into sales bonus calculation file/system
  • Calculates bonuses based on preset formulas and data from relevant fields
  • Email team members notifications of their designated bonuses

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE_automatizacion de la fuerza de ventas

Performance management in sales force involves the analysis of data from various sources and task management systems. Gathering this information costs management hours of productive time and requires a meticulous approach.

  • Collect and consolidate team performance data from multiple spreadsheets, dashboards, and messengers into a performance master file
  • Reconcile metrics and team member data with a master file containing preset parameters and target metrics
  • Apply relevant tags for HR managers
  • Send alerts with information about the best and worst performing team members
  • Activate alerts to trusted managers

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE_automatizacion de la fuerza de ventas

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