Bots for erp automation and more

Integrate any software using RPA bots can help your company improve efficiency, productivity by reducing the time and effort required to connect different systems and share data. Furthermore, a common example is erp automation. 

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Bots for erp automation and more

One of the most tedious parts of the operation is data processing. Manually generating sales receipts and invoices, sending emails, and creating reports can limit the productivity and overall efficiency of teams. Also simply manually entering data into the systems. In this case, erp automation can be useful.

  • Log in to system accounts using user credentials
  • Import invoices into new rows of Excel spreadsheets
  • Generates in-system sales receipts for up-to-date MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Generate MS Excel rows for new system payments
  • Create rows in Excel for system expenses
  • Update mail service subscriber lists to include new system customers
  • Send email notifications for new invoices and system payments
  • Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE USADO_erp automatizacion_erp automation

Legacy systems are computer systems that organizations continue to use even after they have become obsolete because they contain key business data. Therefore, they end up being ineffective in meeting the needs of employees and customers. However, even legacy systems can integrate automation to reduce time-consuming manual activities.

  • Run automations in legacy environments (email system, CRM, financial system)
  • Transfer data to external and local sources (spreadsheets, cloud or other systems)
  • Importing data from external sources into legacy systems
  • Updating of stored data
  • Access using user credentials
  • Create reports based on the tasks performed
  • Send alerts on predefined activities

Automated software:

RPA EJEMPLOS_RPA SOFTWARE USADO_erp automatizacion_erp automation

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