Automation ROI Calculator: Validate Your Success in 2 Minutes

We understand the importance of ‘automation ROI’ for any business today. And that’s why we’ve created this intuitive and quick calculator tool to help you validate the financial viability of your automation projects. Try it out and see how automation can impact your business’s bottom line in just a few minutes!

We are here to help you! We specialize in tailoring solutions to your needs, making your automation projects more profitable, productive, and secure. We guide you every step of the way – from ROI justification to smart resource allocation, leveraging our expertise to improve your processes.

Automation ROI Calculator

Year Estimated Savings With Automated Activity (USD) Estimated Investment + Maintenance Costs (USD) Estimated Accumulated Savings (USD)


Acquisition Model Explained

The Acquisition Model is the traditional RPA model with a twist. There is an investment but in our case, no need to pay for bot licenses which outcomes huge savings.

How it works? There’s an upfront investment for the development of the software robots but we cover all the bot licence expenses forever and after that just a small maintenance fee.

No budget for investment? No problem! Check our Subscription Model Calculator – Here

Unbelievable Automation ROI? Witness the Incredible Scope of This Project!

1) Process Discovery & AI Consulting

2) Full Automation Development & Support

3) New Structured Procedures & Efficient Resource Allocation

What Our Customers Say

“We are thrilled with the impact that automation has had on our business. By streamlining our workflow and eliminating errors, we have been able to improve our efficiency and reduce the time it takes to complete critical tasks."
Customer success_construction industr
Juan Carlos Cantú
Regional Operations Manager at Titanio
"I was honestly hesitant about intelligent process automation as we had tried very expensive specific software before. However, we did the free trial and got outstanding results"
"During the pandemic we had too many staff losses and intelligent process automation was the perfect complement. This solution has become a key element in our business"
"Really good, we saw the benefits without investing a penny and we continue with one of the best investments we have ever made. Botget truly excels and has a 100% service attitude"

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