RPA as a Service

But, what does RPA mean?

Robotic Process Automation, RPA for its acronym, is a software technology that increases the productivity of your business by imitating the repetitive or routine activities that a person would do on a computer. What it allows:

  • Not having to repeat just automate.
  • Solution adaptable to any system, platform or process.
  • No need to hire or fire employees.
  • Greater margin to the business.
  • Save time for higher value tasks.

But above all, It allows businesses to stand out to be the best in their niche.

why botget?

We help you do more with less

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We offer a completely free and non-binding Proof of Concept (PoC) for your company.

Focus on SMEs

We faithfully believe that SMEs are the engine to change the world and that is why we offer exclusive advice for them.

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We are here to serve you, with our price model we guarantee an accessible solution. Our mission and purpose is to help you do more business.

Your allies in robotic process automation

We make it the easiest for you, since we offer the complete service and with an accessible model for your company to take the next step. Join the fastest growing RPA service for SMEs.



Through a discovery of your processes, analysis of them, we identify possibilities to optimize and automate. We help you find those possibilities with high ROI potential for digital automation.


RPA Development

We offer a proof of concept for the candidate process with your validation, we proceed to a design of the complete solution, we develop the Bots and we implement them in your teams.


Support and Maintenance

We are here to serve you with any questions or requests. We manage the bots, monitoring running processes, as well as maintenance, changes and adjustments to your Bots.

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What is the cost of the RPA service?


Our solution is offered with a model of “price based on value” that adjusts to your process, is paid at the moment and you can obtain savings from day one of implementation. Seriously, there is not much to think about! 


Free Trial

That's right, RPA is here to stay, don't wait any longer and get this competitive advantage for your company. Let us help you do more business!