Our goal: Automate processes


We seek to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to be better by automating processes, because we are convinced that they are the engine of change to improve our society. Our purpose is to help businesses challenge the status quo and achieve transcendence in people's lives. 

We seek to generate well-being in the community through our RPA solutions, as well as to give opportunities to employees (including ours) and business owners to not live tied to their work to recreate, learn, spend time with their loved ones and enjoy life. 

How do we make it accessible to automate processes?

Price – Accessibility by automating processes and democratizing the solution. Our commitment is to give the greatest added value at the best price because we know the challenges and difficulties that entrepreneurship implies. About our pricing model here

Our team is made up of people who can be practical and creative, always looking for the best way to solve complicated problems using as few resources as possible. Our simplicity and interest in helping make us the number one partner and ally of small and medium-sized companies.

RPA-automatizar procesos

Javier Villa - Founder & Business Solutions Manager

"At Botget we are here to serve you and help companies automate processes to do more with less because we fully understand the challenges of small and medium-sized companies, as being one."

Testimonials when automating processes

"Honestly, I was reluctant to the solution as we had previously tested very expensive specific software. However, we did the free trial and got outstanding results"
"During the pandemic we had too many staff losses and automating processes was the perfect complement. This solution has become a key element in our business"
"Really good, we saw the benefits without investing a single peso and we continue with one of the best investments we have ever made. Botget really stands out and has a 100% service attitude"
"We managed to automate the tracking of our orders, the orders to our suppliers and provide better service to customers"
"Thank you very much for your help, it is a very easy to use solution and I was surprised by the number of tax tasks we managed to automate"
"Undoubtedly this solution is here to stay, it is a super valuable resource to keep our business competitive and make it more profitable"