Frequently asked questions about RPA software

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has quickly become a mainstream technology seen as the foundation for digital transformation as its adoption continues to increase across industries and regions.

We help companies make this onboarding process as quick and easy as possible. These are the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about RPA software that we receive, we hope this will eliminate the confusion and complexity of the topic. Do not hesitate to contact us to help you with whatever you need.

Robotic process automation, or RPA for its acronym in English, it is an intelligent process automation technology that imitates human actions by interacting with the user interface of computer systems (programs, applications, operating systems, etc.)

Don't worry, RPA software is a technology that is growing and in the process of being popularized. Its first foray was among large companies (we came to change that to make it accessible to SMEs – see how here ) with a gradual incorporation into the market. Without a doubt, this technology is here to stay and will expand exponentially in many areas of various industries.

RPA software is perfect for tasks involving transactional data from multiple sources. On our Home page you can see some applications as an example. Other examples of its current application are: quotes, invoice and contract management, inventory management, contracting process, accounts payable, travel and expenses, claims processing, collections, order requests, compliance reports, education and training, payroll etc

Large-scale, rule-based, repetitive processes are the best projects for robotic automation. The robotic automation platform is so flexible that it doesn't matter if it has to communicate with multiple systems.

  • They are constant and repeat themselves. Bots are programmed to obey rules, candidate processes must be clear and repeatable without drastic changes over time.
  • They do not need staff intervention on a regular basis. Bots can stop in the middle of a process and notify staff in the event of a problem, but the best candidate processes are those that can be fully automated.
  • They are slow and high volume. If the candidate process is time- and effort-intensive on the part of your team and your company, then implementing bots is warranted.

It is automation where a bot handles existing internal software in the same way a user does. This means that robotic automation is a tool or platform that operates and orchestrates other application software through the user interface of the existing application and is not part of it.

  • No IT infrastructure changes are necessary and there are no integration requirements as the bots interact with any application in the same way a user does.
  • There are no integration costs, the bots handle the existing applications.
  • Bots are developed by our team, who are taught how to complete a task for your business.
  • A bot is tested in a real environment, making projects less expensive and much faster than traditional IT development.
  • Multiple bots applied to various processes can be easily connected to deliver large-scale solutions.
  • Once developed, a bot is replicable to any number of bots.
  • The scope of the bot is extended and its functionalities can be reused.
  • This virtual worker costs at least a third less and can work 24/7 throughout the year without a break.
  • Speed ​​of implementation, in weeks it is possible to automate administrative processes.
  • Easy construction since IT specialists from your business are not needed, the bots are developed with information from the end users and our team.
  • No costly integration or extensive internal process redesign required.
  • Our team works on the bots to fine-tune the process, handle exceptions, and continuously improve the operational performance of the bots.

When an activity in a process requires interpretation and ability to judge an outcome, a bot may not be suitable. One strategy in those cases is to reorder the process activities so that any human evaluation is done in advance or at completion and the work is prepared by the bot.

  • Cost savings. A bot usually costs between 30 to 70% less than the operation of a manual process.
  • Cost savings. A bot usually costs between 30 to 70% less than the operation of a manual process.
  • Consistent quality. More precise processes, which minimizes the risk of human error.

In the order of weeks based on the number of activities in the process, the number of systems it interacts with, the type of information it interacts with, and the number of business rules that need to be met.

At Botget, a virtual worker or bot usually costs between 30 to 70% less than the operation of a manual process. Flexibility and ease of deployment make this comparison easy for certain processes.

Scalability is an incentive to use RPA in your company. Bots can be replicated or reused across the business, and the number of bots can be scaled up or down at no additional cost. The seasonality or life cycle of the company in the business activities are controllable with this temporary scalability of bots when required. This is much more profitable and efficient than having to hire and fire employees.

Not at all, RPA software comes to create new jobs by allowing employees to focus on higher value-added tasks. By automating higher volume and repetitive administrative activities, RPA allows companies to focus their workers on more critical activities, such as more direct interaction with customers (better service), creating more business or improving inefficient internal processes. .

RPA is among the fastest growing sectors of the technology industry. It's here, it's growing, and it can boost your company's efficiency and productivity. This translates into higher profits and a key competitive advantage today. Therefore, we are convinced that it is worth knowing more about the instant benefits that RPA can bring to your business regardless of the line of business.


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