Forget about repetitive processes with custom automation

Accessible RPA as a service for companies

What is RPA and what is it for?

A software

Not an expensive piece of hardware...

Ready in days

Not an implementation of months...

100's of Bots

Not literal physical robots...

RPA is a software that automates repetitive and tedious business processes.


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faster than your current processes

What can be automated?

No matter the size or industry of the business with RPA software all repetitive process done on a computer which can be described in steps, with low variance and takes more than 100 hours per month has the potential to be automated. 

We help you identify those candidate processes with immediate savings. 

Some examples of RPA...

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Long hours collecting information, manually reconciling or generating invoices?
Focus on more important tasks and automate your tax processes.

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Low sales or a very saturated team? Increase your sales funnel with prospecting on LinkedIn, 24/7 monitoring, reports or automatic calculation of bonuses with bots.

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Integration between Apps

Manually passing daily information between systems? Connect your inventory software, customer relations, business platform (SAP for example) or any other.

Watch RPA in action!

Why is it important for your business?

Makes your processes more efficient

Save money and help you earn more

Improve relationships with your customers and employees

Because of this, RPA is among the fastest growing sectors and can boost the productivity of your business. It is a key competitive advantage today, do not wait for your competition to do better than you, let us help you!


"During the pandemic we had too many staff losses and digital automation heped us. This solution has become a key element in our business"
"Really good, we saw the benefits without investing a single peso and we continue with one of the best investments we have ever made. Botget truly stands out and has a 100% service attitude"
"Honestly, I was reluctant to the solution as we had previously tested very expensive specific software. However, we did the free trial and got outstanding results"

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