Our RPA Journey: Building a Robotic Process Automation Service from Scratch

Botget_plan_vs_reality_RPA journey_rpa casos de exito

When we started our RPA journey and Botget 1 year ago, we had something very clear: we wanted to help businesses to be better by automating processes. We believe that they are the engine of change to improve our society

Therefore, our purpose remains in helping businesses challenge the status quo and make a difference in people’s lives. With our solutions, we seek to generate well-being in the community, provide opportunities for employees (including ours) and business leaders not to live tied to their work to recreate, learn, live with their loved ones, and enjoy life.

RPA Journey Kick-off

Although we were familiar with the Software As a Service (SaaS) sales process and overall niche knowledge about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Finding Electroneek, among a sea of RPA platforms, who remains a perfect fit aligned with our mission, aided us as a technological partner to kick-start our RPA journey.

Botget started 2022 with a super tight budget, 2 employees, cero clients, huge goals and dreams.

Botget_first_meeting_RPA journey_rpa casos de exito
First Meeting
Botget_first_home office setup_RPA journey_rpa casos de exito
First Home Office Setup

Reality Check

With our first project, we soon realized interesting challenges:

  • We definitely had a long way to go in learning the technical side of RPA and our development team lacked the proper background knowledge.
  • The RPA platform was not as mature as we thought it would be, having minor technical issues.
  • Helping very small companies without standardized processes was complicated.
  • Our current pricing scheme was not going to be able to sustain our business financially.

It was an eye-opener for our team and we knew that a lot of hard work and improvement needed to be done to accomplish our goals.

Lessons Learned

After a bumpy ride in our RPA journey this year, a lot of technical issues, losing one client due to these challenges, and constant learning. We are proud to share what we have achieved this year:

  • Projects in the Insurance, Accounting, Construction, and IT industry among others.
  • More than 5 projects outside Mexico
  • First client with +1,000 employees
  • Being a success story for our technological partner
  • Helping our clients to save more than 50,000 hours per year

We learned that with a more robust selection and onboarding process and our technological partner support, we can now drastically handle more complex automation and solutions. In less than 6 months, we went from the recruitment and onboarding process version 1.0 to 3.0 to find the right fit for our team. 

Botget_Onboarding and Recruitment Scorecard Templates_RPA journey_rpa casos de exito
Onboarding and Recruitment Scorecard Templates

Also, adjusting our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and adding more value to our service based on that profile helped us to achieve a financially stable situation in our RPA journey. However, bigger clients came with a longer sales cycle so we had to optimize the funnel as much as possible.

Botget_Gartner: The Framework for Ideal Customer Profile Development_RPA journey_rpa casos de exito
Gartner: The Framework for Ideal Customer Profile Development

What Is Next in our RPA Journey?

We still have a long way, a lot more lessons to learn, and tons of people to help. But looking back, this improving mentality is what led us to this point and interestingly having this mentality is what makes companies and business leaders the perfect fit for our service. With our value proposition, we help companies save more than 5,000 hours every year in less than 30 days or we reimburse them. Furthermore, no need to pay for expensive RPA licenses with our service. Achieving fast the benefits of the highest efficiency, productivity, and client satisfaction to grow even more.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our RPA service can benefit your business, dowload now 100 Automation Cases Free! Also, feel free to contact us, we’ll work with you to understand your unique needs and create a custom solution that meets your goals and exceeds your expectations.

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